Home Style Who?

We are Home Style Wizard, an online retailer offering an exciting mix of furniture and home accessories with an emphasis on providing outstanding customer service.

Home Style Wizard was actually created by a small group of friends and we were already dedicated to public service through our work for the emergency services. We were used to having people depend on us and wanted to transfer our skills of providing first class customer care to a much happier service. As we all love interior design, the idea progressed to online shopping and Home Style Wizard was born!  

A Brand Built on Honesty, Integrity & Reliability

When we created Home Style Wizard, we asked ourselves what was missing from the online shopping experience. We discovered there was a lack of genuine customer care, and as that just so happens to be our area of expertise we decided to bring those skills to Home Style Wizard!

We're re-writing the rules of the customer service norm, and replacing it with how things should be done to deliver a service that will make you happy. By threading honesty, integrity and reliability into everything we do, we’ve been able to create something different, something special, and ultimately something that will leave you glad you found us.

Buying From Us 

Furnishing your home is something we know you need to get right. That’s why you won’t find annoying pop-ups here, nor will you be subjected to a barrage of sales emails once you order. We use one of the most secure shopping platforms out there and would much rather use our technology to provide a safe and secure shopping experience that guarantees you find excellent value.

We know our customers are real people which is why we use real people to communicate. After you place an order, we'll allocate a member of the team who will follow up with a friendly email to introduce themselves as your point of contact. We’ll then monitor the progress of your order and keep you updated with tracking. Finally, when your order is delivered we’ll follow up once more to check all is well -and then we’ll continue our service by simply being there if you need us.

We Don’t Like to Brag…

That’s why we let our testimonials and reviews to speak for themselves. We’re almost a year old and proud to be new, proud to be doing things a little differently, and proud to help you style your beautiful home!

We are Home Style Wizard, and welcome to our store!